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the silence age 2 Hack

The Silent Age for iOS, Android, and Steam is a new time-travelling episodic adventure, split between two eras.

There’s the eery and foreboding 1972. And then there’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland some four decades later, in 2012.

You play as Joe, a humble cleaner with a red boiler suit and a moustache that’d make Tom Selleck jealous.

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for The Silent Age episode 2. I’ll be adding photos as well, but for now please use the videos if you need visuals. Keep in mind, both the text and video walkthroughs are the bare minimum you need to complete the game. I recommend exploring more to thoroughly enjoy the game. The walkthrough is meant to help you if you get stuck — not to replace the experience of playing the game yourself.

the silence age 2 Hack


Chapter 6 – The Island

  1. How do you Fill the Ambulance up with Petrol?
    Open the fuel cap on the back of the ambuance and use the enema pump on the gas tank to fill it with petrol.
  2. How do you make the Boat Usable?
    Use the trophy that was in the back of the ambulance to bail out the water, and the enema on the motor to refill the tank with petrol.
    How do you get Past the Iron Bars on the Gate?
    Use the jack that is in the back of the ambulance to bend the iron bars on the gate to create a way in.
  3. How do you get Past the Chainlink Fence?
    Pick up the garden shears that are laying on the floor next to the plants.
  4. How do you Open the Junction Box?
    You have to pick up the key which is on the rack inside the camper.
  5. How do you Grab the Fish?
    Open the grill on the far right side and then take the tongs. Then use them to grab the fish.
  6. How do you Deal with the Crocodile?
    If you feed the crocodile the clown fish it will go away.
  7. How do you Fill the Tank with Alcohol inside the Camper?
    You need to use the chainsaw on the moonshine still to fill the tank with alcoho

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