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Game Of War Tips

Game of War: Fire Age – Buildings

In Game of War there are many methods to maximize productivity and efficiency, yet players always seem to overlook using the specific boosts that apply to different buildings. By strategically managing your building, numbers and ratios will put you at a massive advantage over your enemies. In this article I will give a breakdown of every Building, its purpose, and the bonus it provides.

Buildings are listed in alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure.

The Bonuses provided by Buildings are additive.

Use Quests for Rewards – You need to use Quests to gain rewards. There are several types including Empire Daily and more. When you perform some actions you can collect resources and rewards. For others you will need to start a timer.

Quests Continue When You Close the App – If you are about to stop playing for a while, choose a quest that takes a long time to complete. The time will keep going after you close the game.

Game of War Items – Tap on iTems and My Items to see what you have. Some of your items, like the Beginner Teleports disappear if you level your big building up to level 6 before you use them.

What to Spend Game of War Gold On – Here’s a good tip. Don’t spend gold on things right off the bat and don’t spend real cash right when you start. You need to focus on the basics right now.

Create a Game of War Hero – Use your items and boosts to build a better Hero. This starts on the items screen, and you can give this hero upgrades and the special attributes that the Hero gains  will help your troops in the game.

From there this video goes into alliances and other information that you may or may not need to know. After you master how to play Game of War with the Kate Upton tutorial and this video you’re ready for leveling up faster.


Game Of War Tips

Distributing Hero Skill Points

The top prizes on your hero’s skill tree in the beginning are Troop Attack, Research, Troop Training, and Construction. These will give bonuses to your attacking troops and speed up the timers on research, training, and construction. After that, you’ll want to make your way down the left side of the skill tree to reach the advanced unit type you decided on in the last section. Max them out, and after that, it’s up to you.



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