Brawl Stars Characters, Tips and Tier List

Brawl Stars Tips

Brawl Stars Tips

Each brawler has a special feature. Some brawler have a high HP. some brawler has more damage than others. The most important feature of the characters that damage the enemies is to hide in the grass. Hide in the grass and hunt down your enemies. this is the biggest first trick. the other is the combatant who sets the turret. Their biggest advantage is their great contribution to the team. of course, depending on where you will put the turrets, you must install in places where enemies will hit hard. Now let us explain the characteristics of our characters.



The character’s name is shelly. The first character given to us in the game. Very effective at close distance. His favorite thing is; in the grass is to wait for his prey.






el primo character is a close brawler. Hp can value is high. Hiding in the grass is his favorite thing.







The character of our Colt character is low hp. has a very long range. and gives enemies a lot of damage.







jessie character sets up a turret on the ground. and turrets begin to shoot enemies. hp value is normal.. When you attack an enemy, The bullet follows the enemy.






Our hand poco character is a complete team character. he gives his teammates hp and when his special power is full he fills the health of both himself and his teammates.





Barley character makes the attack by throwing the bottle. the biggest feature is the damage to enemies behind the wall. but pay attention to the value of health, it is quite low. Be careful not to get too close to your opponent.







Our BO character throws arrows at the enemy like old generation warriors. he likes to brawler from far away. Do not approach your enemies. It is not very good at a close distance.






this character is one of the most frustrating characters in the game. Throws mines to the enemy. especially if he gets a very good position, he can destroy his opponent without dying. special force tosses large mines and destroys what is around.






Our Brock character attacks enemies with a rocket launcher. He can attack an extreme distance. Special power, enemies and walls rocket rain to. destroys everything.






Darryl is a Super Rare brawler with high amounts of health. When he gets close to his target, he uses two barrel shotguns, which can cause a lot of damage. her special ability allows her to roll and damage, and quickly escape or approach her enemies.






hand ricochet brawler loves far distances. throws bullets into enemies. the special force is the excessively damaged and fast moving bullets. be careful not to be caught.






The frigger looks like the rock from the outside. Hard to kill him. With a sledgehammer, he attacks enemies and deals a lot of damage. health value too much. Special ability; freezes opponent players where they are.






I don’t know if any of you guys are playing league of legens, but I’ve likened this fight to Annie. this character will attack the opponent normal. health degree is high. special strength; sends a bear and attacks enemies.






brawl stars and we all want to play this character. it is incredibly fast. good damage to enemies. Health value is normal. special ability; he becomes invisible and starts hunting his enemies better. (becomes invisible and if approaches the enemy the enemy will notice)






Mortis, as the name implies, is terrifying. Pay attention to you from any location. Health value is high and we recommend not to enter one by one. His special ability is ruining his opponent.






this warrior is as good as others. He’s a team fighter. Thanks to the turret placement and the ability to increase your health value, it can be very useful to your team.






Piper is one of the most damn characters in the game. if anyone is playing well. it makes a very remote attack and you may have difficulty understanding where it is attacking. really hard to understand. special ability; leaves 3 bombs in the region and escapes.






this brawler is not good at close range. it is good at medium distance. throws a thorn ball exploding to the enemy. and spreads around. special ability; throws a large thorn ball into the opponent’s paths, the enemy slows down and his health continues to decline.






This TARA fighter throws a card at an opponent. is not close and distant character. The middle distance is ideal. Health value is normal. Do not approach your enemy. He’s a mid-range fighter. special ability; throws a spell that collects enemies all.



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