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asphalt 8 Hack

The unlockable stars that are seen on every stage are used when it comes to copping new races and seasons. Stars are also good when it comes to purchasing in-game items. Every time you earn a new star, this helps unlock a one-time money bonus that can be obtained at the end of every race. Try and aim for that one-time bonus for more money by completing every race.

You might not want to spend some real world currency on this game but if you do, go ahead and purchase those car packs. Car Packs include vehicles that pertain to every car class. Try and buy any of these car packs from the onset of your time with the game. It’s better to buy a car pack with car classes you don’t have than to purchase car packs late in the game with cars you already have.

Is IAP Necessary to Beat the Game?

In a word, no. There are no true pay walls, timers or anything of that sort that would raise a red flag regarding whether IAP is essential.

Asphalt 8‘s IAP structure is based on either purchasing ‘car packs,’ which instantly unlock groups of cars that you would otherwise have to use in-game currency to pay for, or purchasing currency outright, allowing you the freedom to buy the cars and upgrades you want without necessarily needing to play and grind on maps.

The game also doesn’t feature a dual currency system, meaning the only currency you can buy is the type that is doled out after completing courses and earning stars. It’s relatively straightforward and fair, for the most part.

Play in Multiplayer mode. Racing with players from around the world is harder than you think.

  • When playing in Multiplayer mode, remember shortcut road, plan your strategy and your way to go across before the race starts.
  • The higher your level is, the more money you get.

asphalt 8 Tips


Upgrade your car’s performance. If you have enough credits to upgrade your car’s performance, take the opportunity to do so. This will give you greater results during the races.

  • Be clever. Remember that Acceleration and Top Speed alone will not lead you to victory. Upgrading your Handling lets you have more control and avoid crashes during a race.
  • Acceleration can push your car faster! Upgrade your car’s Acceleration if you need some extra speed.
  • Upgrade to maximum speed! Do this to upgrade your Speed and Acceleration.
  • Have Nitro. It is the most powerful thing and must-have if you want to win the race. Upgrade it so you can cut another racer easily, and knock down another racer easily in Single Player!

Practice, practice, practice

It probably goes without saying, but the more you play, the better you’re likely to get.

  • If a particular track is giving you trouble, keep racing through it in single-player mode until you’ve mastered it.
  • Work on drifting; the best players can drift through curves effortlessly.
  • Avoid wrecking your car.

Start your engines! Try out these tips for yourself by downloading “Asphalt 8:  here or search for “Asphalt 8:  in the app store on your Lumia.

Do you play “Asphalt 8 ?” Tell us your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below.

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