Apex Legends Tips And Characters

Choose A Legend And Develop Yourself On It.

Apex Legends requires you to pick a character to play as at the start of each round. This can be overwhelming when you aren’t familiar with them, so I suggest you pick whoever seems the most interesting. There are some good starting choices: Lifeline is a reliable hero for beginners, as she has the ability to heal. Bloodhound has abilities that allow them to track other players, which is good for avoiding ambushes and pesky campers.

While landing far away from everyone else isn’t as exciting, it is better for long-term survival. Games of Apex are often largely influenced by the first few players to pick up a gun, so you want to minimize your chances into running into armed Legends before you have any chance to return fire. Landing alone also means more resources in general for you and your squad, and best of all, you can hunker-down and let everyone else kill each other while you get your bearings, gear up, and strategize.

Apex Legends Gun

Apex Legends offers a training ground where you can try out every gun that you’d find in a match. There’s a good mix of shotguns, LMGS, pistols and assault rifles to get your hands on, so we compiled a list of what we thought are the best guns available.

Wait, how much health does everyone have?

Every Apex Legend spawns with 100 HP. Because damage doesn’t distinguish between health and shields, you effectively double your HP when you pick up a Level 3 Body Shield, which itself grants 100 shields. Here are the armor values for each Body Shield tier:

  1. Red: No armor
  2. White: Level 1 armor (50 shields)
  3. Blue: Level 2 armor (75)
  4. Purple: Level 3 armor (100)

Next, be aware of where you’re aiming, and make sure it’s in the direction of potential threats. It’s natural to point your weapon in the direction you want to go, putting your focus on the horizon or that tasty loot up ahead. But that could leave you blind to sudden threats. And speaking of aiming, don’t be afraid to shoot from the hip. “Another common mistake is when people aim down their sights instead of hip firing up close,” says HuSkers. “The hip fire in Apex Legends is especially accurate compared to other games, so if you have a close-range weapon like an R-99 or Prowler, don’t be afraid to hip fire someone 0-10 meters away.”

Apex Legends Features of the Champion


BANGALORE Special Power

Passive: Double Time – Temporarily sprint faster when taking damage
Tactical: Smoke Launcher – Smoke canister projectile that explodes
Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – Calls an airstrike that sweeps across the targeted area

WRAITH Special Power

Passive: Voices From the Void – Tells you when enemies mark your location
Tactical: Into the Void – A quick juke through her void that avoids all damage
Ultimate: Dimensional Rift –  Lets you place two portals for you and your teammates to travel through for a minute

LIFELINE Special Power

Passive: Combat Medic – Throws up a shield wall when reviving teammates, and quickens medical supply use by 25 percent
Tactical: DOC Heal Drone – A small drone (looks like a Roomba) that heals teammates
Ultimate: Care package filled with quality defensive equipment

GIBRALTAR Special Power

Passive: Gun Shield – When aiming down sights, he holds a shield that blocks incoming fire
Tactical: Dome of Protection – Blue dome shield spawns and blocks attacks for 15 seconds
Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment – A concentrated mortar strike called by throwing a flare

bLOODHOUND Special Power:

Passive: Tracker – Reveals recent footprints, when doors were opened, time of death, etc.
Tactical: Eye of the Allfather – Reveals enemy locations in the area
Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt – Heightens senses to see cold tracks/enemies and greatly increases movement speed

OCTANE Special Power:

Passive: Swift Mend – Heals one health point for every two seconds he doesn’t take damage.
Tactical: Stim – Moves 30 percent faster for six seconds at the cost of 10 percent health.
Ultimate: Launch Pad – Deploys a launch pad at his feet that can be used by any player to vault high into the air

MIRAGE Special Power:

Passive: Encore! – When knocked down, a decoy spawns and you are cloaked for five seconds
Tactical: Psyche Out – Creates a decoy to trip up enemies
Ultimate: Vanishing Act – Become temporarily cloaked and unleash multiple decoys

CAUSTIC Special Power:

Passive: Nox Vision – Complements his tactical ability by showing enemy locations for those who pass through the gas
Tactical: Nox Gas Trap – Lets you place up to six gas canisters that release when stepped on or shot
Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade – Covers a sizable area with deadly gas

PATHFINDER special Power:

Passive: Insider Knowledge – Scans nearby beacons to reveal next ring location
Tactical: Grappling Hook – Allows for versatile, quick movement, both horizontally and vertically
Ultimate: Zipline Gun – Creates a new zipline


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